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Thread: No more cookies in Europe

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    Re: No more cookies in Europe

    what does that mean ? nondestructive annoying stuff?
    I think stuff like pop-up windows and crappy (tm) flash intros would be classified as nondestructive yet annoying

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    Re: No more cookies in Europe

    Really shouldn't popup windows and the annoyance of them be punishment for *nix users who have angered the gods of stable OS's? Yess, for example people who don't use the same distro as me should have to go and live with popup windows and the like
    /rubs hand together, tries to take over the world

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    Re: No more cookies in Europe

    I think the only rules that should be on the internet are the rules you'd have to live with in another situation. For instance, you should have to follow copyright rules and shouldn't be able to steal personal information from someone. But as for doing nondestructive annoying stuff when someone visits your site, there's nothing wrong with that.
    Well, what about what is considered offiensive behavior? In some countries cultured countries children are pretty much naked untill they are 6-10ish when they get clothed ... and it isn't offensive to those people. Heck, if they child decided hea wanted his own little place on the web, or his parents had pictures of the family, they would could be arrested as child pornographers. (This was one of the big problems imposed with the child-proof domains here in the US).

    Because an American/Brit/Frenchman/etc visits the site is the parents now cyber-pedodealers and held under US law (like Demetry and Johanson)?

    There is a huge grey area when we let governments be our parents.

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    Re: No more cookies in Europe

    The average user..and the unaverage user for that matter doesn't want to wade through 9812390812390812372347 option screens to disable cookies. I wish there was a simple command like /ignore cookies or something of that nature so I wouldn't have to wade through screen after screen.

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