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Thread: So this is why I couldn't get to LJr at work

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    So this is why I couldn't get to LJr at work

    Alot of the U.K. were missing a conection to the internet

    My ISP at work told me it was due to "overloading" but it was still out when I left work 8hrs after it went down.

    Glad I've got cable at home *;D

    cloverm: Just out of interest, is the LJR home page house seperatly to the cgi stuff? It's just I could get to a current homepage but forums etc timed out.

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    Re: So this is why I couldn't get to LJr at work

    No, the home page and the scripts are hosted on the same server. Actually, parts of the home page are generated by cgi scripts. Occasionally, I have noticed timeouts on the website, I don't really know what's causing it.

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    Re: So this is why I couldn't get to LJr at work

    Home page loads only the static stuff on the server.

    The forum needs to read from the MySQL database and that's why it takes a little while to read and sometime will time out. That also happen whenever I have busy network such as my ISP links are down and only a few of them are working......

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