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Thread: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

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    MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    I get this error everytime I try to install easy cd creator 5. I hate to ask this but I need it to burn redhat again (because cd 2 is scratched to hell)

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    why not use cdrecord to burn?

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    This pc has nothing loaded expect 98 on 4 gigs of the harddrive and the rest will be used for linux. I had to do this so I could still play games. How do you use cdrecord anyways. I've never gotten any burning program to work properly in linux. Maybe I'll just buy a copy of rh from a friend or something

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    did you check out the PET ?

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    I use Xcd-roast....nice graphical front end works like a charm everytime

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    no I don't have linux or anything installed anymore. I started fresh. Installed 98 on a small partition for gaming and then the rest is for redhat but when I went to go load redhat I found that disc 2 was scratched up beyond use. So I downloaded the iso again and I'm trying to install the burner program so I can get back into using linux all the time. Does anyone know a nice shareware program or something to burn the iso. It just has to work without putting a lot of effort into it.

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    Well... You can install Red Hat without the second CD.

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    First of all I use a lot of the stuff on the second cd but where is the option to say I don't have the second cd.

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    try nero at

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    Re: MSIEXEC.EXE at 0167:00400280

    You can use CDRWIN to burn the ISO. It is in demo mode unless you crack it but either way it will burn the ISO. The demo mode just limits you to 1x burning.


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