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Thread: Baysoft video games

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    Baysoft video games

    For all you that play console video games this one is for you. *I am looking to get some cheap games for various systems and came across a this site. * *They seem to have some really good deals on used games but I am not to sure about the quality of the games or the quality of service.

    Anyone here ever deal with them. *They seem pretty legit but I havent been able to find much about them. *I am gonna try checking with the BBB. *I know there is for computer hardware but is there the same type of site for other things?? *Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Baysoft video games

    I guess I should do more looking before I post questions like this :-[

    Straight off the Better Business Bureau site
    However, Baysoft Games has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau. The company did not answer complaints concerning non-delivery of video games purchased via the internet; and failure to purchase used video games from a consumer as agreed. The games were shipped to the company, but the consumer did not receive the promised payment.
    Damn, damn, damn.....they had some good prices

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    Re: Baysoft video games

    Useful info -- especially around this time of the year. 8)

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