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Thread: Oregon or not?

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    Oregon or not?


    The wife and I are pretty much sick of this burg we inhabit at the moment. We live in Flagstaff, Arizona and the cost of living here is borderline criminal.

    Anywho, I went online looking for a good place to live thats cheaper but also not a megalopolis. One of the results that came up was the Medford/Ashland area. Also Salem was a close second according to one website.

    Are any LJO members living in OR now and , if so, what can ya tell me bout Oregon? I know Flagstaff is expensive as hell and I'm interested in the NW states.

    Flagstaff average home cost is about $210,000. Tourist town = too damn expensive.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    I don't know, but my wife and I have been looking at Portland. When I can find a suitable job there, we are going to move there I think. We live in Birmingham Alabama now.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    In North America?
    California - If you can put up with all the actors actors
    Vancouver - Lots of glaicated features to take your mind off of thinking
    Finland - Go commune with some Penguins
    Norway - Go commune with some Fjords.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Binary, why Oregon?

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Don't come to oregon. Everwhere is taking budget cuts and people cuts. I currently live in Bend and my dad lost his job. Salem is a shithole, Medford from what I hear is pretty nice. If you want a job go to CA or best advice stay where you are if you've already got jobs.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    I don't know much about Oregon, but Spokane, WA isn't too bad. They are a growing community with reasonable prices. Some areas are crappy, of course. How about the mid-west (Springfield, MO; Illinois, etc)? Just some thoughts.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    What about New Jersey ;D

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    It rains most of the year here in oregon. Salem is a great place if you like lots of traffic. If you do move here, choose a smaller city that is close to the big cities. If you buy a house, the taxes will eat you alive. Most people here are very "open-minded", that's what they keep telling me anyway. On the plus side, the skiing is execellent and lasts until about the 4th of july!

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    I'd suggest you do all your homework first (your posting is a good start). *One of life's darkest moments is showing up in a strange city without a job. *If the people there are struggling to find employnment, get to the end of the line, pal. *Want to rent/buy a decent place? *Have references available (the best reference is the local personnel office that verifies your employment.) If you get this done first, your move will be like a vacation trip. *Been there, done that. *Good luck. 8)

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Binary, why Oregon?
    Well for one reason, my wife's sister and her husband will be moving there in few years when he gets out of the Navy. We did some research, and Portland is listed on one of those "places rated" sites as the top place to live. The climate is very nice all year long, no extremes. I've been to Montana and Idaho and I love it out West. Also, I read that there are a lot of breweries in Portland. I'm sold.!


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