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Thread: Oregon or not?

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Sounds good, binary, I do want to stay out west. Doesnt have to be southwest but definitely west. Plus a few microbreweries wouldn't hurt either. 8) I wish I had the time and money to go visit that state.

    Portland's a big city though right. Million people live there? And if there are any cyclists here, is Portland very bike freindly? Flagstaff sure isn't.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Seeing as how I live in Portland, I guess I can add to this thread.

    Yeah, Portland has a ton of breweries that make really good beer.

    However, remember this, Oregon just officially declared itself to be in a recession! *I'm a product of that, and am currently unemployed. *(I'm going back to school next semester to start towards a master's degree).

    As for house prices in the PDX area, I couldn't tell you. *I've been renting since I moved here (~1.5 years ago). *The people are really mellow (at least the ones I've met) and the whole city is generally more casual than other cities I've lived/visited.

    The job market's pretty crappy right now, but depending on what you can do, there are *some* jobs. *My suggestion is to go to *It has a job search engine, and will also give you a good idea about what's around Portland.

    Salem isn't too far away (I used to work with a guy who commuted from Salem everyday).

    PDX also has Mt Hood not far away for skiing, or just looking at. *Mt St Helen's is in sight as well. *I can see it from my front porch. *(I'm renting a house on an Island about 10 miles from PDX proper).

    Suburbs outside of Portland consist of:
    Tualitin (Tualutin) -> I have no idea how to spell this one
    Lake Oswego (This one's pretty expensive)
    Scappoose (Or Scapoose, again, not sure of the spelling)

    There are a few more than this, but if you're looking for a place, and these names come up, it will give you a good idea of where they are. (If you know where PDX is in the first place).

    Fall: *Rain! *(I grew up in Western NY, so rain doesn't bother me like it does for other people.)
    Winter: More Rain (In the mountains: snow)
    Spring: a little less rain
    Summer: *Both summers I've lived here, we've been in droughts, so no rain.

    It doesn't rain continuously, but you'd be a fool not to expect it if it's cloudy out.

    PDX has parks everywhere, including the largest forested region in a metroplitan area. *Ever see things for Survivor? *One of the women was from Portland, and her video had her biking in forest park topless. *Forest Park is in PDX proper.

    They also make a lot of movies here. *The latest one has Tommy Lee Jones, and Benicio del Toro.

    Um, that's about all I can think of. *If you live in Portland, you can pretty much walk or catch a train anywhere you want. *If you live in the 'burbs, expect some pretty crappy traffic at times.

    Oregon itself is a great state, high desert in some places, great mountain skiing in others, ocean beaches, and the Columbia Gorge. *

    (Holy crap, you'd think I work for the tourist department.)

    If you move to Oregon, I bet you'll like it. *I haven't met anyone who has come to Portland and NOT liked it.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Wow, thanks for all the info. I've been lookin online and found a bunch of sites about the city. Just by looking through some "best of Portland" lists, that gives me a good idea of what the city would be like. Definitely a big change from the overpriced transient town I live in. Now the next question is what does an average 2bedroom apartment run there? Im paying $720 a month for a crappy 2 bdrm place here and thats low for this town. Most run near 800 not including utilities.

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    Re: Oregon or not?

    Now the next question is what does an average 2bedroom apartment run there? Im paying $720 a month for a crappy 2 bdrm place here and thats low for this town. Most run near 800 not including utilities.
    Well, I couldn't begin to give you prices on 2 bedroom apartments around here. *The problem with PDX is that each "neighborhood" has their own prices.

    When I say "neighborhood" I mean that the city is divided by it's geographic orientation, and that's the way most people think of the neighborhoods. *I live(d) in NorthWest Portland since I've gotten here, and I paid 565 for a one bedroom apartment. *The houses (to buy) in that neighborhood are around $1 million because of the whole "quaint" thing... or it may have been because the mayor lived a block away. (or is it has always been a good source for rental places. *I have a friend who's ex-girlfriend works for a property place, and I can talk to him about it, but you'd have to give me a couple days on that.

    Regardless of where you move, I suggest that you invest some money to come out here and take a look around, to see where you'd really like to live. *Each part of the city is different, but for different reasons. *NW Portland is very simple. *The streets are numbered in one direction, but if you're driving down a numbered street, the cross-streets are alphabetized... i.e. Burnside, Couch, Davis, Everett... I guess you get the picture.

    I'd imagine that you could get a decent 2 bdrm place for what you're paying now, but the question is... "is this where you want to live?". *

    Take a few days, fly up here, rent a car, and cruise around. *Every part of the city has their own characteristics that make you want to live there. *Unfortunately, each part of the city also has their own rental rates. *

    However, like I said before, if you live in the city you can get anywhere by train, bus, cab, or the streetcar (basically, just another above-ground train.).

    Hope this helps a little. *Portland is a great city. *I've never regretted moving here.

    Remember though... Oregon is officially in a Recession. *The job market sucks (depending on what you do for a living).

    Ok, I guess I've spouted off enough. *Hope you move here... it's a great place to live.


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