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Thread: My Parents SUCK!!!

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    Re: My Parents SUCK!!!

    No I'm not going to waste the money on them... I've already lost 70 bucks on the phone...

    The beers around the world is something that I would like for my self..

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    Re: My Parents SUCK!!!

    i'll ask my dad about it, i know he did it one year, if i could i'll post a link for it!!

    <edit> I think this was the place he got them from. </edit>

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    Re: My Parents SUCK!!!

    Every year they do this shit.... *When I was a kid my parent would even return the birthday gifts I would get....
    Let me get this straight, they would return the presents that people gave to you?

    Did they let you keep the money? Or did they steal it?

    If they just kept the money, I think a court would understand if you killed them.

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    Re: My Parents SUCK!!!

    If they just kept the money, I think a court would understand if you killed them.
    I used to have a roommate who would repeat the following phrase quite often, "Never under estimate the power of the .45!". Besides the fact that he was scarey to live with, the statement is beginning to make sense.

    Well, I think that I would stop buying things for my parents if they did that to me. I wish that I could return some of the things that my Mom has sent to me in the past. Of course, I move around a lot, so I told her that I didn't have room for most of the stuff she was sending me. Now, she sends me money!

    Gmoreno: Would it be easy to tell your parents that they have hurt you by their actions/words, or would they just not get it? I would just get them cards. Can't bring them back for a refund, their cheap, and you don't get the bad karma from not getting them something. Put a little bit of money in it if it helps salve the conscience. Lock up your cell!

    Why is it that the most important decision of your life is left up to chance? It would be a lot easier if we got to choose the old parents.

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    Re: My Parents SUCK!!!

    Yeah they would tell me that I was going to get a Radio Flyer.. But I NEVER got one... :'(

    My parents have done the same thing with my bro...

    Hey stryder144 are you a shrink?

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    Re: My Parents SUCK!!!

    Last year I gave my mom a bread machine and she returned it... *Every year they do this shit.... *When I was a kid my parent would even return the birthday gifts I would get.... *I still cant get over the fact that they didnt even say thankyou...
    May be before buying them anything, you can talk to them and see what they would like to get and what they would need. I mean it's useless if they get what they don't need. The gift should be what THEY need/want but not just what YOU wanted to give.
    Try to find out without letting them know what you are planning to buy. The conversation can be like this. " MOM, you are always borrowing my cell phone. Do you think that it would be a good idea to get yourself one? If so, what brand you think you want? ". Some thing along that line. Just a suggestion though .... :-/

    But they didn't even say Thank you is so.....

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