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Thread: web hosting

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    Re: web hosting

    Also, I have recieved a couple emails saying that you do not like the Right now that is all on cloverns side. He is only having that until the dns for updates. It only temporary.


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    Re: web hosting


    Your order form seems not to be hosted over a secure connection. I don't feel comfortable sending a credit card number over such a connection, so that has put me off of using your service. Unless there's somthing I'm missing that is...

    Right now, I'm leaning towards cedant (, gets great reviews from a lot of people) and phpwebhosting...

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    Re: web hosting

    I will take note of the content deal for the packages and get to work on it right away.
    Well since we have at least two of us shopping for the hosting right now, may be you can come up with something for us to compare. Here is the complete list of hosting details by . . Can you please let us know what you can do and can't do from that list and either posted here or send us an email. Mine is here . We ( at least I )want to give you business since you are starting out and you are hosting this web site.

    Here are a few of my concerns.
    • Pricing ? ( I know you have three service plans but what is included with what? )
    • Monthly based or yearly based ?
    • Any discount for yearly payers ?
    • Credit card accepted ? ( must be over SSL or fax form )
    • What is the space limit?
    • What is the monthly transfer limit?
    • What OS are your server running? ( I"m not very anal about OS, just for the web site coding issue )
    • Access methods ? ( SSH or FTP )
    • Number of Email accounts.
    • Number of Email alias permitted. Forwarding? Auto-responders ?
    • Mailing list?? POP or IMAP? Webmail?
    • Database ?
    • Scripting languages ( Perl, CGI, PHP, Pylthon )
    • SSI ?
    • Crontab?
    • Logging?
    • Real UNIX/Linux account with SHELL ?
    • How's the DNS setting ?
    • A few others I can't think of right now....

    If I'm very satisfied with your service, I may move some of my domains to you when the time for the renew.
    If you feel like calling and talking to a live person feel free to. *816-220-0649.
    Like I said above, if we have some solid data to compare to, then there may even be no need to call you. I don't think there is also a need to do that at of this stage.

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    Re: web hosting

    Ack! my hard drive died on thursday, and I had to dig into my web hosting fund to get a replacement

    So I guess I'm still stuck with free web hosting...sigh

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