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Thread: Roadtrip!

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    Re: Roadtrip!

    Just get a car and drive. Who cares where you go. Planning will be your downful. The only thing you shouldn't do in the car is shit. Eat sleep and drive in it. And anything else , but NOT with your mum.
    I couldn't agree any more. Planning defeats the purpose of a vacation. I've tried to make plans during vacations and they always fall through. If you aren't going to a certain place, just look on the map and head somewhere. You don't really need a map to get there, just to get back. I've been on several road trips that were spontaneous. For instance, once me and a friend wanted to know where highway 259 went from Longview. So we decided to follow it. We went through 3 states other than Texas before arriving back home. This was all in one day by the way. And me and that same friend went to Galveston Island a few weekends ago on less than $100. All we bought was gasoline, bread, ham, cheese, drinks, and ice. We slept in the car on the beach. It was a well budgetted vacation. To wrap it up, adventures aren't planned out. Adventures just happen. The only planning you should do is making sure you have enough money to make it where you're going and back home. Furthermore, I would invite you to Texas but that's probably too far for you. I would love to go back to Montana myself. That was one of the nicest states I went to. But I don't see that happening any time soon.

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    Re: Roadtrip!

    I would love to go to calif.i afraid that if i go out there i wont want to come back east, EVER
    That might as well happen ....

    The housing and commute is crazy but I guess it's all over the US anyway. Salt Lake City driving is crazier than California. Housing is also depends on where you choose to live. Here in the Bay area ( Northern California ) is a little expensive but the places like LA or Fresno, it's cheaper to live. BUT the weather is great. The best I've seen so far since I'd lived in a few states ( Washington, California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona ). I LOVE it here. I and my wife are planning to buy our retirement land in Redding area ( only 37 more years more to go ).

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    Re: Roadtrip!

    I'm driving from Albany to Cheyenne on the 21st.


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