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Thread: Argh! Can't sleep!

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    Argh! Can't sleep!

    I need to sleep, but I keep tossing around my bed (shame on you. not that kind of tossing ) not sleeping. I've been at it for the last 2 hours and it's 2:39AM now...

    I really need to sleep, so I can study for my finals tomorrow. Otherwise I'll feel like crap all day.


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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Hope you made it. It's 6:45 here 8)

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Welcome to my world. Well actually now it only takes me about an hour to get to sleep since I have to wake up so early. That's still a while though.

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Here's something you can try, has helped me sometimes: Try hard to keep your eyes open and not fall asleep, then when you just can't resist any longer, relax and give in. Psychologists call this paradoxical intent. But first, lay off the caffeine!

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Welcome aboard... last night I didn't sleep at all, I was thinking about how to tell NGene that I love her without sounding insane.

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Greg: you must do more activity in the day: this way, your body will be tired and you will sleep more easily. One activity you could do is *meeting* Asian girls...

    Pis si ša marche pas: vodka plus Cocktail Mott's extra piquant dans un grand verre. Prends-en 2-3.

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Le fort de vodka est absolu.

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Le fort de vodka est absolu.
    The strong of vodka is absolute?

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    Le fort de vodka est absolu.
    Or a double of Black Velvet with a Bud chaser.That'll knock ya out Kozumo.

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    Re: Argh! Can't sleep!

    The strong of vodka is absolute?
    The power man, the power. My dictionary says fort is also a noun, so don't try to say it isn't. You francophones are always criticizing my French. It's not easy being poor white trash trying to learn French where English and Spanish are dominant.

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