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    hey, add another dial up user. All the island's supposed to be wired with Cable by 2002, I think. I probably won't get it till '03 or so... I can't get DSL or cable now cause I live too far in the sticks, and satellite internet costs WAY too much...

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    Yes. Satellite is priced insanely. I'm looking to pay $50 or $60 at most and that's if I get to cancel my second phone line. I'm already effectively paying about $40 a month for dial-up so if I could get 512k for $50, which is still more expensive than usual, I'd be getting 20 times the connection for 25% more. But alas, I'm less than 1000 feet from a central office that SUCKS!

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    Re: Finally!

    The reason I switched to cable is I was paying $25 for a second phone line and $23 for AOL (uhhh!!). Cable is only $40 and getting that would increase my net speeds as well as get everyone in the house online and have no more arguing for who's on and then is their turn. Whenever my cable isn't down I really, really like it. Oh, I keep hearing that the original customers (Adelphia has only been here 6 months) were hooked up to a line that was using @home. The newer users were on something else. That would explain my outage from Saturday night to Wednesday afternoon when they came and replaced my modem (maybe they did something in the back, I don't know. I was a little busy).

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