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    You guys are too quiet on #ljr. I've been visiting their for the last couple of days, and very few people said anything. By the time anyone does say anything, I'm already busy chatting on another channel (namely #lno, but that's another thread.)

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    Re: #ljr

    You are not there right now !

    I just installed mIRC and I promise to spend more time on IRC from now on. !

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    Re: #ljr

    yeah .. and thats the problem .. only a few people are in there and I think the chan is not known much by the people on this board .. or by other people in irc. But join #ljr we really need more people....

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    Re: #ljr

    I'm also no longer active in the channel due to my move and problem with my Internet connection as well... Oh well .... I will try to reconnect in coming week or so after my school exam.

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    Re: #ljr

    I've been on there a few times but it's so quiet and boring, so I stopped going. If it starts kicking up, I may check it out.

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    Re: #ljr

    I just installed mIRC
    do u want to get bitchslapped?

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    Re: #ljr

    do u want to get bitchslapped?
    dont bitchslap him i want to!


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