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Thread: Muahahahaha

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    Re: Muahahahaha
    read the posts about the linux kernel not working on kenshi's pc
    What am i missing ? gnu/vince didnt post in there?

    i'm lost

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    What am i missing ? gnu/vince didnt post in there?

    i'm lost
    it has nothing to do with vince, only with kenshi

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    Muahahahaha is a subdivision near Honolulu. What does this have to do with GNU/Vince? ??? ???

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    He can, on the other hand, compile a good Linux kernel.

    <~~~~~~~~rotf, lmao
    Well maybe I should invite GnuVince over for a good kernel compilation. He can teach me the simplicity of overcoming promiscous interrupt errors. That is... if I feel like downgrading to Linux. [smiles]

    But by the way, if there are so many people here who can compile Linux kernels, why was no one able to help me with my problem? Did I miss something in the terms of service about not being able to help the Kenshi? Man, you Linux users are too elite for me. I'm glad I use FreeBSD.

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    True enough I guess, but it hard to tell what you borked w/o
    knowing exactly what you did. It would be like me asking you
    what line I borked in a program w/o giving you anything but
    the error. Posting your configure file might have led someone
    to give you some decent information.

    You seem to tell everyone how overly intelligent you are
    compared to us, maybe we are assuming that you either know
    more than us or are simply so self-absorbed with your ego that
    you couldn't imagine making a stupid mistake somewhere.

    Since RH 5.0, I've made a ton of stupid mistakes, I still do.
    I make the effort to figure out what I did wrong or ask giving
    the necessary information for someone to give me a decent

    Many of my problems with kernel compiling where compiling
    in modules I needed that broke the way the system worked by
    loading certain modules and then checking to make sure they
    were loaded. I have no idea what you borked, but it was
    probably nothing major, digging through the rc scripts might
    have led you to finding the problem yourself.

    Your smart, so are many other people, get over it & get on w/life.


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    Re: Muahahahaha

    Whoa whoa whoa! When have I showed an ego? Except when insulted, I don't think I've ever acted egotistical. Well there are times that I joke of course, but I try to make it blatantly obvious. When have I acted like I'm smarter than the average person here?

    Also, who said it was me who messed up? I won't say that I'm perfect and have never messed up, but we know the Linux programmers aren't either. I've compiled many well-functional Linux kernels before, then starting with 2.4.6, they were all unstable increasingly with version. Naturally I'm not perfect. Perfection doesn't exist. But I repeatedly compiled different versions of kernels and the fact that only the later ones locked up leads me to believe that it was not my fault but rather either one of the drivers was goofed up or some initialization program was acting unpleasantly. Yes, we're all smart here (most of us... [coughs]) but I'm offended that when something messed up, I'm blamed for it. I switched to FreeBSD because when things mess up, it usually is my fault and once I figure out how, I can fix it. With Linux, I had a few occasions where I felt that wasn't the case (though not many). I'm happy with FreeBSD. I still support Linux and its users. If helping folks in these forums isn't enough, I wrote a backup tutorial for LinuxOrbit about 2 weeks ago intended solely for Linux. (Gonzojohn hasn't posted it yet though.) So if this is all about me using FreeBSD, I think it's foolish and I'll leave if this is a Linux-only forum. That's all I have to say about it for now, perhaps forever.

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    Maybe it just seems that way to me, sometimes sarcasm can
    be taken as downtalk or insults. Personally, I have no problem
    with any OS, the BSD's are great. I've run FreeBSD and OpenBSD
    frequently for routers & webservers~work great!

    I didn't mean to offend you w/the kernel comments I made,
    rather I intended to reflect a little sarcasm back that I felt has
    been predominate in your posts for the last week. You seem
    to be very intelligent IMHO, but rather green with your
    people skills. These skills will probably develop in time.
    You remind me very much of Craig McPherson, and personally
    I've had disagreements with the way he presented much of his
    help on forums. After he got his job at the Univ or Ark, it
    appears that his attitude has changed very much.

    As you & I have both now stated, the kernel problems were
    most likely module problems. I've experienced many of these
    even though the kernel itself was perfectly fine. Another likely
    problem is patching incompatibitlies. These were not as documented,
    but things in the 2.4.5+ kernels such as OpenWall and Reiserfs
    just don't work together to this day. I understand the frustration
    you went through, but being offended with none of us coming
    up with a fix is ignorant. Some kernel errors require more
    information than what is possible on web based help.

    My point, before things flame too much, in this is simply that
    this is a forum directed to unknowledgable and new *NIX users.
    Sarcasm can be fun, but very often taken incrediably wrong
    by users that are not familiar to your dry sense of humour.
    You don't seem to take sarcasm yourself any better after
    reflecting on the last 24 hrs. Maybe you should re-examine
    your posts from a new users point of view. When you started
    would you have found the posts open & helpful?

    I'm not asking you to leave, stop helping, or necessarily change
    anything. But I beg that you keep the idea of what this forum is
    aimed at doing. Dry sarcasm and a frustrated user do not
    generally make useful help in the newbie's eye's (or advanced users). They just develop the impression that a knowledgable
    linux user is a complete a$$hole.

    This is simply my IMHO, yours and everyone elses may differ,

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    I don't deny I lack people skills. I'm not good at communicating with the average person. I do try to only use sarcasm in the off-topic forums though (or with people who have been here long enough to know me). When I'm helping people, I try to leave the jokes out of it. The last thing I'm trying to look like is a pompass ass. And I'd dare to say that Craig and I are somewhat alike, but we have different attitudes towards people. I try to be nice and say things that wouldn't offend me if I was in their shoes, and if they are offended, oh well. Sometimes he seems to try to offend people.

    And about the kernel, I've had bad luck with modules so I just stopped compiling with them. My kernel was always one monolithic monster without any modules. I guess the incompatibilities are a possibility, though I really think it has something to do with hardware. And finally, I wasn't offended when I didn't get assistance on it. I consider myself an intermediate when it comes to unix, perhaps edging towards advanced user. Many of my problems are going to be too difficult for people here to answer. I was simply using the example of it in my defense. I was not trying to discredit the ones who tried in the least. After all, I couldn't fix the problem myself (other than installing FreeBSD). So how about we say it could have been either user error or bad kernels, leaving the question in the air?

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    Re: Muahahahaha

    Is it just me or did this thread take a strange twist?


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    Re: Muahahahaha

    Is it just me or did this thread take a strange twist?

    Well this is offtopic


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