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Thread: my parents are at it again

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    Re: my parents are at it again

    For someone that always bitches and complains about his parents taking away this and that due to your inability follow the rules set by your parents, you certainly have a lot of spare time on your hands.

    Is this forum linked to the same Off Topic forum at Linuxnewbie? Your exact same topics are ALL posted on both sites.

    If I was your father, the first item I would take away would be the computer.

    You won't get any pity from me. Grow up and start applying yourself unless you're intent on working for minimum wage your entire life. You then may not be able to afford a computer to post these enlighening topics.
    I could not have said it better myself. ;D

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    Re: my parents are at it again

    Well, I guess this situation has been summarized to death. TeRG, time moves on. You should try (and posting complaints (unless you give your parents equal time) is not trying). (Actually, it's becoming a bit trying). Is it remotely possible that you're becoming a pain in the ass at home? I suggest you try harder to conform to family policy/standards. Either that, or enter a monestary. Good luck. 8)

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