I have just set up dual boot - windowsXP & Ubuntu.
When installing Ubuntu, it showed the list of OS's that it found and asked where I wanted grub. I got nervous, and decided to put it onto the floppy. My reasoning was that it would leave the mbr alone, and allow my system to boot up windows without getting confused.

It won't boot without the floppy now (requests a system disk, and gives an error about there being no mbr!).

If I use my Windows XP disk to fix the mbr, I assume that I'll lose Ubuntu?

How do I repair this?

Further to that, it lists 6 options (3 for each OS). 2 of the Windows options don't work (only the Windows XP Home one does), which confuses my wife!

I'd like to be able to edit grub so that it just lists the 2 OS's that we have.