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Thread: Looking for a San Francisco area data center

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    Looking for a San Francisco area data center


    I'd like to move my web site out of the house now that my little SOHO business is doing better. I really need a data center... (Too many kids unplugging the server by accident)

    Anyone know of a cheap reliable colocation data center in the San Francisco bay area? Preferably in the east bay.

    My price range would be about $250 per month for a 1 megabit link. Single server, maybe two. I may be willing to spend a little more if I can get a part of a lockable cabinet. No backups yet, basic monitoring. I can do the installation and server management myself.

    A friend of mine uses a place in the south bay, and pays about $75 / month for a 1 U server. The place looks like a converted garage and there doesn't seem to be a UPS or standby generator (I may be wrong). The room also feels a little warm, and summer isn't even here yet. It's not much better than what I have already at home.

    I've heard about Hurricane Electric, which should be a lot better. Anyone have experiences with them? My only concern is that their data centers are in the south bay, which is close enough, but not on my way to my "real" work. I live in San Leandro, and work in San Francisco. Oakland would be ideal.

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    (In the garage like place)
    You could always buy the supplies needed to get it better--
    (Other Places)
    I think that those will be able to work
    (from your house)
    You could buy all the stuff that you need then make a partiton around the computer stuff. Then if you had to have wires coming out of the partition, you could tape them to a wall and the outlet.

    I hope that helps

    Conor Callahan

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    Also you could try:

    I know that Equinix has 2 data centers in LA--


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    Unfortunately Equinix's data centers are in the South Bay (Silicon Valley proper) which is too far. RackSpace's closest data center is in Texas.
    Level 3 claims to have what appears from their site to be at least 1/2 a dozen sites in the area, they're not going to listen very hard to me an my single server.

    I can't do the partition thing, other family members may not think it's cool, no matter what. I had to go wireless for "aesthetics".

    I'm looking for a "garage" in Oakland, Alameda. Close enough that when I sneeze, they get the flu.

    It's over a 40 minute drive from where I am to Silicon Valley, and going over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco, is short but it can get unexpectedly congested.

    I'm just spoilt, Berkeley is close by, there must be something out there just down the street.

    I'm still looking, any help would be welcome.

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    Late, but hopefully helpful

    Another possibility is in Santa Rosa. They are locally owned, have been around for a long time (as these things go), and have the best support I've ever seen for an ISP.

    They are in a brand new data-center, and are very price competitive with the rest.


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    I eventually went with a company called Evocative based out of Emeryville.

    I have my own 1u server chugging along with no problems. They have started to offer cheap server leasing, but I'll stick with what I have for now.

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