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Thread: cloverm, contact Sensei?

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    cloverm, contact Sensei?

    I have tried contacting you on this idea before, but I haven't heard anything from you. I (and I'm sure many others) would love to hear something from Sensei, even if it's just something to the effect of he and LinuxGirl are doing fine. I was wondering if you could ever possibly get into contact with him?

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    Why him more than the moderators at LNO?

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    i would like to see that too.

    i would also like to know if he likes seeing the company which owns LNO letting it go down the toilet while the people who make the site great get thier accounts deleted, entire forums go away for days at a time plus other crap. All while there are sites which are maintained by people who do really care about helping the new guy (e.g. linuxjunior , linuxorbit, linuxquestions, freezer-burn) are really small because new people constanly get refered to LNO.

    and they get help because those people at LNO loyal to sensei may feel they should stay at LNO because of sensei help them. I am positive if people stopped getting great help at LNO then LNO would die much more quickly than it will by pure neglect. the new people would go to other sites in search of help.

    So if ya could please also ask sensei why he wishes for the people at LNO to stay there and not go out and try to help sites which are just as true to the original goal of LNO and are run by people who really care.

    if i sound a bit harsh there is a reason. its because i am. i have been wondering this for awhile.

    apolgies if this is off topic of what Muad Dib had in mind.

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    Why him more than the moderators at LNO?
    Why Sensei? Cause he started it all! Long live Sensei!

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    Why Sensei? Cause he started it all! Long live Sensei!
    That's what I was thinking at first too but I realized that what he probably meant was why ask cloverm to contact him instead of the moderators since they probably have closer ties.

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    i'm sure if he wanted he would MAKE himslef seen by showing up everyonce and a while on the different messageboards.

    i respect your silence sensei

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    Why Sensei? Cause he started it all! Long live Sensei!
    I meant why why would cloverm have more chances to contact him than, say, Strike or FoBoT?

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    I would say that sensei had some kind of no-competition agreement in his contract and that is why he is remaining silent. I think if he showed up at a board and started posting there it would seem as if he is supporting that board and he could possibly be sued.

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    That would make sense evilistknight. I get pissed seeing how LNO is run down and obviously being neglected. that site represents the linux community and it looks crappy like no one takes pride in it.

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    Re: cloverm, contact Sensei?

    He could chill out on IRC. That's not competitive with the forums. Or he could e-mail someone and tell them to notify everyone how he is. Or hell, he could post on these boards in disguise. As if those monkeys in charge of LNO would know. He'd just have to tell people through private messages who he really was. I don't think the anti-competition thing has anything to do with it.

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