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Thread: Merry christmas

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    Merry christmas

    nuff said..

    Guys and gals... a very merry christmas to all of you !

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    Re: Merry christmas

    merry stinkin christmas to everyone

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    Re: Merry christmas

    yep ..

    merry christmas to all ..

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    Re: Merry christmas

    God bless us, one and all.

    have a good'un peeps.

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    Re: Merry christmas

    Merry Xmas everybody!!

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    Re: Merry christmas

    I hope all of you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thanks for hangin out and sharing your LINUX knowledge.


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    Re: Merry christmas

    It's still several days until Christmas, but I may forget to say it then, so merry pre-Christmas.

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    Re: Merry christmas

    A big Ho-Ho to all. ;D

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    Re: Merry christmas

    my imediate family isnt religous but we celebrate chirstmas just as a time of family and presents. last year my advisory teacher was taking some survey for the school. and he asked what winter holiday i celebrate. i told him kanduwanda. (i just made that up) and so he said okay and marked me down for kanduwanda. ;D

    this year he didnt ask but i was planing on doing it again.

    they have no business knowing what i celebrate.

    i think my advisory teacher might have thought i was lieing. he doesnt like me much

    for another survey it said "Favorite Tv show?" and i wrote fuck tv. when i turned it in he just kinda looked at me and shook his head. i was worried he'd say something.

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    Re: Merry christmas

    i wrote fuck tv
    That's a cool show

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