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Thread: What to get?

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    What to get?

    As usuall, I've gotten some money from my parents and grandparents for Chrsitmas. Now I am stuck with a delima ... what should I get? I've amased $250. Any cool gadgets, ideas, etc... that I can get?

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    Re: What to get?

    Well cd-rw drives are currently as low as $70. I'm thinking about getting a new one myself. Mine is old. Other than that, I can't think of anything cool that most of us can enjoy.

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    Re: What to get?

    how about a $100 gift certificate for me to any major computer store ;D ;D

    a cd burner sounds good , hows your video card, need an upgrade? What about a bigger monitor 17" or maybe 19" ?

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    Re: What to get?

    You could also buy some killer speakers for that much money. I'm talking about computer speakers but really you could get any kind of speakers. At Best Buy in Longview, they have some THX certified speakers for that much.

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    Re: What to get?

    Why not get an MP3 player? There are ones with tens of GBs of storage space, you can carry around all your music in a small, convenient little player

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    Re: What to get?

    I'm starting to eye the Agenda VR3. Anyone ever play with one before? Is it worth it?

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    Re: What to get?

    Maybe a Radeon? 8)

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    Re: What to get?

    there's a certain plant u could invest in

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    Re: What to get?

    Give it to me... I could use it !

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    Re: What to get?

    I would add $50 beans and buy and X-Box


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