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Thread: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    I was pretty happy with my christmas this year...a few of the gifts could have been more practical

    ~$450 in cash
    Wireless keyboard and mouse (these are the nonpractical ones)
    Really big pillow
    Young Frankenstein, Event Horizon, Stigmata, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVDs
    2 gift cards to Staples, 2 to hastings, and 1 for JCPenny
    Some Headphones
    Final Fantasy X for PS2 w/ 8 MB ps2 memory card
    Sleeping bag
    Car wax
    MiniDV tapes for Camcorder
    Someone bought me lunch
    Underwear & Socks

    That's about it...I can't complain.

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Young Frankenstein
    Awesome movie! what's the dvd verson got?

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Hmm, let's see...I haven't had time to watch it yet (besides about 5 minutes of the beginning.) Besides enhanced picture quality, which is a given, it has the origional theatrical trailers, production stills, out-takes and bloopers (which sounds good), Mel Brooks' audio commentary, a documentary, tv spots, and deleted scenes & interviews. Wow that sounds like a pretty nice list of extras.

    And I agree, it is an awesome movie.

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    I got a cellphone yestuerday

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    some cash, socks, pen knife, some Goonshow CDs, Dictionary/thesaurs/encyclopida (american spellings so half of it is wrong *;D), obligitary Dilbert calender, a ticket to Sri Lanka (w00t!), and the news that my g/f's family like me 8).

    I got my self a GBA, and if I've got enough cash left a spanking new 80gig hd.

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    My biggest gift was a webcam that doesn't even work in unix. I'm either going to have to exchange it (if my grandparents kept the receipt) or start dual-booting Windows again.
    Which webcam? I just bought the IBM one for 40 bucks. Looks nice in Winblows. Still working on the Linux software. When I figure something out that will be nice

    I got 225 bucks and some tools (all good geeks need a full variety of tools.) I pissed the money away on a new DVD drive (my other one finally barfed out), a webcam, and another Logitech optical mouse (best buy sale, $30).

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