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Thread: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

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    What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Ok boys & girls,it's Christmas Eve.So what is Santa bringing you. A new puter? New car? A zillion $$$$ maybe?Inquiring minds want to know what yer gettin or expectin. ;D

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Well, due to some strange freak of luck (actually it's my wacky step-family's tradition), I got to open my presents about 2 hours ago (that's about 7:30 PM for you wacky people not in my time zone), and I'll tell you exactly what I got (that's interesting, anyway):

    1. Hands-free telephone. Now I can type on the computer and talk on the phone easily at the same time!

    2. A shiney new leather chair!

    3. A new housecoat (my old one was tattered and garbage).

    4. $239.15 ($130 in cash/cheques, $100 in a savings bond (or something) that will mature in 2011, and my favorite, $9.15 from my TELUS shares).

    5. An MD player (this is the killer gift that makes up for the other crappy gifts like clothes that I got ). It's exactly the kind that I wanted, and it meets all the requirements that I posted somewhere else. Way to go, dad! . I'm recording all my mp3s onto it as we speak

    Probably the best christmas I've had in a long time! ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?


    I just found out (well I knew it all along actually) that I failed my math course. First time I've ever failed a class.
    Oh I feel like sh*t now.

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    My biggest gift was a webcam that doesn't even work in unix. I'm either going to have to exchange it (if my grandparents kept the receipt) or start dual-booting Windows again.

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Hopefully a new discman. My old one has been gone for too long, and I sure can't afford a new one. Ever tried an 8 hour flight without music? Doesn't work for me

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    hmm got books a pocket watch and a few small presents, and money .. maybe I'll buy new speakers with it ..

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    3 cds (one of which was a dublicate), 2 new movies on DVD and a new pair of jeans... Ohh and best of all a coffee maker, yup, but it's a leftover from a couple in the family moving in together soo unfortunately the pot was broken soo I'll have to get a new one...

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    I got:
    - Lord of the Rings (in french)
    - A philosophy book
    - (a gift for my brothers and I) A playstation 2 with Grand Theft Auto 3
    - "Les Perronismes": this is a book about a guy in Quebec who messes every expression with another and it gives hillarious results
    - Clothes
    - A Ruby book (I will get the O'Reilly one later this year)

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Wish he'd bring me an MP5 so I could remove stupid people from existance.

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    Re: What's Santa bring'in Ya?

    Wish he'd bring me an MP5 so I could remove stupid people from existance.
    Hey, hey, hey, calm down now.... :-/. I got a Lexmark Z12 printer (which doesn't work in Linux ), 3cd's, a movie, a shirt, and a bit of cash. I'll repost later cause Aunt's, Uncles, and Grandparents are coming over in 3 hours for Christmas dinner.

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