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Thread: Contest!

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    Re: Contest!

    To anybody who wants to help us, we are on #hackcanada on Come there and let's work as a team

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    Re: Contest!

    Nevermind on the prizes. Everyone seems to be working as a team. I'm just gonna let you guys figure it out however you like. If you figure it out on your own, then that's even better. And if you do, just e-mail me what the result is and post here at that time so you can claim to have finished first. That way you're the definate winner but others get the joy of figuring it out too. But probably the whole group will figure it out first.

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    Re: Contest!

    Ashcrow and I made it!! Good luck guys!

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    Re: Contest!

    We have our first batch of winners. I gave them a lot of hints though. I asked them not to give anyone else any hints and we're gonna see if anyone else can figure it out without hints.

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    Re: Contest!

    The hints were not always evident. Or they didn't tell much.

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    Re: Contest!

    Well I didn't want to make it easy for you. [smiles] By the way, of the 3 main parts of the challenge, the first 2 were inspired from Zebulun challenges at If you've been there and made it past the first few challenges, this should be a piece of cake for you. If not, and you like these kinds of challenges, I suggest you check it out. I made it to level 6 or 7 there. If none of you folks can figure out this puzzle without a hint, I feel for ya. I figured the last part would be really tough, but Ashcrow stumbled upon an easier way I hadn't discovered, so it will be the easiest for some. Anyway, good luck. If you can figure it out on your own without hints, you really have something to be proud of.

    PS: I'm thinking about changing the third stage a little so Ashcrow's little trick won't work, but I'm not sure. Either it's really easy for some (and kind of unfair), or really difficult for everyone.

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    Re: Contest!

    Kint is the first to win without any hints. (I did give him a few tips but nothing that would help much.) Congratulations to him!

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    Re: Contest!

    Come on guys! It's fun!!!

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    Re: Contest!

    People are wuss or don't know what fun it is when you finally get to the end. Ashcrow and I spent quite some time (about 2 hours and a half (from midnight to 2:30AM) on this), and, even though it was hard at time, we had much fun.

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