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Thread: Contest!

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    I've finally got this set up, even though it's not exactly like I wanted. It may have turned out better though. I'm holding a contest that involves various hacking skills to win. The winner will be eligeable to receive a copy of FreeBSD 4.3, Debian 2.2r3, or Slackware 8.0 or something else that I could easily send. If people get stuck in the same place for a long time, I will give hints. And if you have technical problems that you don't think are part of the contest, tell me and I'll fix them if they're supposed to be fixed. You can find the contest here:

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    Re: Contest!

    Where? This is a Final Fantasy web page. Clear directives one what we are supposed to do would be appreciated.

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    Re: Contest!

    You figure it out. That's the contest. [smiles]

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    Re: Contest!

    Windows notepad?

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    Re: Contest!

    ??? Man I so don't get it.

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    Re: Contest!

    meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0" says it wasn't notepad ...

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    Re: Contest!

    Ashcrow, do you understand anything to this?

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    Re: Contest!

    Ashcrow, do you understand anything to this?
    Ashcrow, come on IRC please, if we're two we might have more chances:
    channel: #hackcanada
    I am: GnuVince

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    Re: Contest!

    Uh, thats an S/Key .....

    otp-md5 329 fb1534 ext
    S/Key Password:
    otp-md5 396 fb7128 ext
    S/Key Password:
    otp-md5 34 fb3925 ext
    S/Key Password:
    otp-md5 83 fb3493 ext
    S/Key Password:

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    Re: Contest!

    Windows notepad?
    I made this page when I was in high school. I hardly even knew what Linux was back then. Give me a break.

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