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Thread: As good as LOTR?

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    As good as LOTR?

    I posted this at LNO, but it has been received about like a lead balloon. Maybe no one else there has the patience to read long fantasy books. I just got a copy of Robert Jordan's latest in his Wheel of Time series, Winter's Heart. It's been out some time, but this had a discount that suited me. On the cover it has this quote from the New York Times: "Robert Jordan has come to dominate the world Tolkien began to reveal." I have enjoyed the books to this point, but this is book nine and each are ca. 600-700 pages long. I find the books engaging, but it seems way overdone. Is he ever going to get to the grand anticlimax?

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    Re: As good as LOTR?

    I haven't read the series your talking about, but for years LOTR has been the benchmark for Fantasy. It's simple, LOTR came first, at least as far as a trilogy goes (I know, there's a great tradition of Fantasy novels, but prior to LOTR they were never main-stream). It's always going to be the standard against which new writing will be compared in the Fantasy genre. Even Tolkein didn't always live up to his own standard; the Silmarillion was one of the hardest Fantasy novels I've ever waded through.
    As to the series your reading, if the author has a good writing style, and the books remain interesting, who cares how long the series goes on?

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    Re: As good as LOTR?

    I have never read Winter's Heart but I heard it was really good.

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    Re: As good as LOTR?

    Well, I just started to read LoTR and I wonder how another serie can be any better than this one.

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    Re: As good as LOTR?

    As wonderful as WoT is, I don't think it's a match for LOTR. He's drawn it out too long. Even though every book just knocks you flat on your ass being such a good read, LOTR is a standard.
    And Winter's Heart has the best climax out of all of them.

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