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Thread: Installing a new PDC on a NT Domain

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    Re: Installing a new PDC on a NT Domain

    Hmmm... I may have some work for me... I have to put the server in place on Jan. 6th... so I have time to install stuff, kinda...

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    Re: Installing a new PDC on a NT Domain

    Ok, This server is now the BDC on the domain... I manually demoted it and changed the Domain as explained at this page.

    Now I rebooted, and this server IS a memeber of the proper domain... I can go into user manager for domains and do everything... Server manager lists this computer as a workstation however. Also, I can login with the password set for THIS computer, however, no domain passwords work properly...

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    Re: Installing a new PDC on a NT Domain

    I guess the big question is do the workstations still authenticate with the domain correctly. As long as normal users can log in and work normally, you are in ok shape. You shouldn't have had to done a registry hack however to demote and promote anything. I've had to promote a server about 2 years ago, so don't remeber the exact steps to the process, but I believe I did it all through server manager without any registry hacks. Basically, I installed a BDC, then turned off both the PDC and BDC. I brought the BDC up without the PDC, it gave me an error that no PDC was running, then the option to promote it on spot. I then relegated the old PDC to the trash heap.

    As for only being able to log on with a local account, make sure that you are logging onto the domain and not the computer. Also, try putting the domain admin in the server's local admin group.

    If I were you, I would restore the registry. Re-promote the old PDC and try again using server manager. *As always make sure everything is backed up.

    Try these links:;EN-US;Q167248;EN-US;Q112549

    They should help you out some.

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