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Thread: biggest download?

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    Re: biggest download?

    my personal record is 3.8 gigs in one day
    it was moslty divx movies and mp3s

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    Re: biggest download?

    Personal record...

    20 GB on one day.. on a friends ADSL. mostly Linux ISOs, and WiLD demos.

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    Re: biggest download?

    ok let go to the OTHER extreme!!

    When we got the T1 here at work i came in on a saturday , i was the only one here and d/l'd slack 8.0 and the extras iso and burned them to cd in less then an hour!!

    i tried to dl mandrake on my dial up but i kept loosing my connection half way through, thats why i always go to to buy distros now !! i think they are 7 bucks with shipping!!

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    Re: biggest download?

    But cheapbytes don't have the beta, testing (woody), *etc...
    When you're out in the toolies you do what you gotta
    Yeah, I'm running debian, and the initial base install took around 10 hours (overnight) The longest part was upgrading to woody which took more than a day if I remember correctly. So really I got all I would have needed from a potato cd while I slept, so why order it and wait a week? I now use apt to upgrade once a day, so that keeps it short and painless. The longest upgrade I ever had was coming back from a week's vacation, It had to apt-get so many packages it took around 4 hours. Even so, Debian rules.


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    Re: biggest download?

    Well first, we need to know what part of each country.
    Not necessarily. You could just calculate the distance between the northernmost Canadian city and the southernmost American city, then calculate the postage for that distance, and then just assume that the actual postage will be less than that (so it's not a definite figure, just a ballpark).

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    Re: biggest download?

    Actually the farthest two cities would probably be in the far west United States (Hawaii) and northeast Canada, probably New Foundland. That would be pretty freakin far when I think about it.

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