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    new site

    ok, i am kinda reluctant to post about this, but im putting together a new site and would really like some feedback. its basically just a site for people new to programming, to give them an idea where to start. Now let me say, that i dont know how to program, but i am trying to learn and i thought the best way for me to learn is to start a site and learn from my user's. Ive already caught a bunch of flack from a few people because i startd a site on something i know nothing about, but its something i am really interested in and hell, ive paid for the hosting and i might as well use it.
    thanks for any feedback

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    Re: new site

    did you make that site or is it postnuke or something. I like the look

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    Re: new site

    Looks like PHP-Nuke or Post Nuke. I'm browsin around right now.

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    Re: new site

    It is PostNuke, i wanted something quick and easy, but i am working on something php based written by me

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