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Thread: lusers and virii

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    lusers and virii

    made me chuckle:

    especialy as our logon scripts here have DO NOT CLOSE writen all over them, and guess what happens :

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    Re: lusers and virii

    "Click Here for Cash and Virus Infection"

    oh my freakin' deity..... rofl !!

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    Re: lusers and virii

    I liked "AOL users and middle management" ;D

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    Re: lusers and virii

    i guess that why you'll never see a virus thats titled "Open me right away!"

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    Re: lusers and virii

    Her Mom sent her a msg, "don't fuckin' open me", and she thought Mom might be sick? Guess they're right about inept aol people :

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    Re: lusers and virii

    OMG that's too funny!!


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