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Thread: RedHat cron trouble

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    RedHat cron trouble

    Hi All,
    Here is my workplace:
    I need to delete a file named "f1" in my workplace every day at 14:15

    here is what I did (in the same workpalce):
    1) create a file "delfile"
    cat > delfile
    rm f1

    2)create a cron job "deljob"
    cat > deljob
    15 14 * * * /home/locatehomes/bainNew/test/delfile

    3) crontab deljob

    everything looks fine, but it dosen't work..

    while this works perfectly:
    15 14 * * * lynx -dump

    Help Plz..

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    you need to do

    $ crontab -e
    And in the vi editor that pops up, you put the entry

    15 14 * * * /home/locatehomes/bainNew/test/delfile
    You also have to make sure the permissions on the file are OK and that it is executable by your username.

    Finally the script itself should use full path names in it and the script also needs to define the shell it needs to use when running. In this case it is the /bin/bash shell, and the full path to the command is /bin/rm and /home/user/f1 for the file name.

    /bin/rm -f /home/user/f1

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