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Thread: Domain registration

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    Re: Domain registration

    The design is making some money... my fiencee is doing that side of it.

    The hosting isn't really making money, but it's just our home DSL line so it's not exactly an extra cost.

    Having the server helps her when designing sites, as we can do the whole design on our local server, then just move it to thier perminant host, or leave it on our box, and charge them for it.

    Basically, ti's something for me to play with (;

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    Re: Domain registration

    I would, but I don't have *THAT* much b/w.

    I'm only on a 640/256 line ATM.... Hopefully in a year or so, when the design side of it picks up, I'll be able to afford more data lines. *Then I would be THRILLED to host this site.

    Untill then, It's mostly little stuff that I can do.

    I *could* offer email addresses for this domain... for the moderators and admin's and what not....
    how much do you want to host a website...i dont have a credit card and i can only pay in cash but i want a website.....that is, if you take cash...

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