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Thread: what should I do?

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    Re: what should I do?

    oh and a geforce 2 mx200 32mb is 48 bucks

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    Re: what should I do?

    nVidia in Linux sucks for two reasons:

    Stability, the drivers seem unstable, and poorly supported - tends to break X from time to time, plus they don't mix well with VIA chipsets.

    Moral, the drivers are non-free software, and nVidia is VERY unwilling to help in the development of free drivers - one can't even get the proper specs to work from.

    Also, image quality is better on the radeon cards, and you get a neat TV out feature... could prove nice for those XviD movies and displaying DVD movies.

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    Re: what should I do?

    Nvidia drivers are not unstable. Unless being one year with drivers that never crashed means unstable, they are very stable if you know how to configure your X. And who cares if they don't do them free software? Ati isn't really better, they didn't even want to release their specs so that free software developpers could do drivers. ATI has a very low karma in my mind. NVidia are much better.

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    Re: what should I do?

    I agree that after I poked around the os-regstry.c things got better, the nVidia + via problem is really related to the AMD bug. It just gets worse using the nVidia drivers... Trust me on this one GnuVince (Why do you call yourself that when you do not believe in Free Software?)

    ATI fonded the DRI development for a long time - but then they stopped doing that, they still release tech. specs. under NDA for the X developers - something which nVidia has never done.


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