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Persistence of RAM
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Thread: Persistence of RAM

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    Persistence of RAM

    A friend of mine is just this awesome artist. *She also likes to hang out with all the guys at the Comp. Sci. Club at my univ. *She also happens to have 1.5 GB of RAM (which makes sense since she is a Graphics Arts major.) *Anyway, she made this:

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    Re: Persistence of RAM

    it owns !!

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    Re: Persistence of RAM

    I'm using it as my desktop image

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    Re: Persistence of RAM

    I like the Dali influence. Beautifully done.

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    Re: Persistence of RAM

    I like the Dali influence. *Beautifully done.
    Thats exactly what i was going to say!!!

    A Dali fan!

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    Re: Persistence of RAM

    Very cool! 8)


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