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Thread: Favorite Obscure Artist

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    Favorite Obscure Artist

    Who's your favorite obscure artist?

    Here's mine:
    Cow Exchange (actually, he's just a fellow coder, but his music is really good nonetheless)
    Laptop (Jesse Hartman)
    Honest Bob

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    Cow Exchange
    Aaargh! He owns TWO Hanson albums, how can he know anything about music? j/k *

    My vote goes to: Crazy Gods of Endless Noise

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    Edelweis *;D

    Anyone else remember them?

    I wish I could find Starship Edelweis (Raumschiff Edelweis) but it seems impossible. Actually I havenīt really tried that hard. Maybe I should.

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    As a Chicago Jazz addict, I think Barrett Deems is the main man 8)

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    the Residents

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    Not obscure anymore, but I really like Alicia Keys. I think her style of music and songs match her natural sensuality.

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    I think I'd have to say Velvet Acid Christ. Industrial at its best.

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    hmm dont know if this is obscure :

    great big sea

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

    - Goldfrapp.
    - Roykosopp (sp?)
    - Mr. Scruff (who is absoultly fantastic beyond words!!!)

    Psst. Grandaddy and Cornershop are not obscure! * They're all good tho'. :-)

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    Re: Favorite Obscure Artist

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