saturday night after the creed concert we went to an all nude bar, this dancer came up to me and was dancing. usually the dancers have a garter on thier thigh so you can put a dollar in it, well this one dancer had it on her wrist? so when she came in closer for me to tip her i asked why the garter was on her wrist and not on her leg?

her reply was..............." the money is dirty and i dont want it so close to my crotch."

keep in the back of your mind she is NAKED rolling around on a stage that they stand, on walk all over, spill drinks on , what ever.

so i said to her " what about the stage isnt that dirty? "

she says " no, they clean it everyday!!!! "

so i said back " but your stepping all over it woth your feet that were on the floor here!! That doesnt even make any sence !!!!!!"

and on to the next person she went WITH my dollar!!!

does that make sence to you? she wont have the money near her crotch but she will roll around on the stage they clean once a day?