Thanks for the replies. I don't plan on dying, but things happen. After this very post, maybe I'll get run over my a truck or something.

And I love sleeping on the floor...but it also means that I can't bring any girls home. Bah, no time for relationships right now.

Sorry if I limited this post to degreed people, I didn't mean to. It's just that I want to know what other University graduates are doing with their lives. Anybody can reply actually.

F0qu'ing accents de tabarnak!
J'pense qu'apres j'aurais fini mon bach, j'aimerais m'eloigner de n'importe quoi qui a faire avec l'informatique. DTF j'pourrai me debrouiller toute seul pour quoique ca soit dans ce temps-la.

A cause que chu en train de perdre mon francais (ya pas beaucoup de francophone ici de mon age anyway), je veux garder ma premiere langue en bonne forme, alors j'irai etudier le Francais (n'importe ou au Quebec, mais j'ai de la famille a Montreal, faque ma rester la je pense).

I think that after my degree, I will want to stay away from anything that has to do with IT, because I'll be able to learn it on my own anyway.

Because I'm losing my French now (there aren't that many francophones in BC of my age), I want to keep my first tongue in good shape, so I will study French anywhere in Quebec, but I have family in Montreal, so I'm inclined to go there.

Tu dors Ó terre asti?! T'es ben fou toi!! Pis pour les universitÚ, je pense que l'univeristÚ Ó Hull (en Outaouais) est en franšais et a un programme ben bon d'infomatique.