I'm nearing the completion of my Computer Science degree (assuming nothing goes wrong in the next year or so) and I've been thinking about what I'm going to do afterwards. Here's my plan. Give me some advice. When you're young, I believe that there's sometimes some hidden wisdom that a more experienced person can see, but a younger one can't understand, but must experience it to truly undestand. Ah...ignorance.

Finish Compsci degree.
Some possible paths (longterm-wise):

Go to Korea || China || Taiwan || Japan to teach English to pay off my debt.
Go back to Quebec and go to University (I'm strongly inclining on UQAM, but I don't really know which one is best) to refine my French (1 or 2 years maybe).
Travel a bit.
Get a career, get married, have children, die. (not necessarily in that order)

P.S. I'm a very anti-materialist guy. The less possessions I have, the happier I am. Right now, in my room, I only have a desk, a chair and my Computer. I sleep on the floor So being rich or driving some expensive car is not something I like.