Hi... i have a compaq proliant 1600 server with the below config.

Pii 350, 256 mb ram, 9.1*4 hdd on raid 5 using smart 2dh raid controller, cirrus logic gd544x display card (on board), logitech keyboard & mouse

firstly when i try to install fedora 4 ... the display goes bad after annaconda runs the xserver. it all breaks & i cannot proceed. on the same box i managed to install fedora 2 and all was ok till i log in...after i log-in to gnome the mouse stops working...the keyboard works...and the pc is ok. the mouse works on the log-in screen...but freezes as soon as i log-in.

i have tried to change the mouse to a nother ps2 & also a serial one...but same result.

kindly advise.