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Thread: how and where to create a cron job

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    how and where to create a cron job

    :? I'm working in RedHat-Release 7.2. I'm monitoring our httpd processes on our web servers. I have created a small script using the uptime command, date and grep. However i'm having to run this every 5 to ten minutes manually. I would really like to have a cron job run this for me every 5 minutes and i really don't completely get how to get it done from reading my redhat bible. Can somebody give me a hand asap, Please?
    Thx in advance - Caligal - ops: :roll:

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    Hi caligal,

    I think this suitable command as per u'r need,

    watch --interval=10 ps -eaux | grep httpd

    the above command will watch httpd daemon for every 10 secs...U can change the time setting according to u.


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