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Thread: test

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    ...yeah, you heard me

    Is it possible to have pictures in your sig?


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    Re: test

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    ...and now to see if I can make it clickable...

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    Re: test

    Mwahahahahahah ;D

    All your post are belong to SLACK!


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    Re: test

    This is dumb, ugly, annoying, unprofessionnal and takes bandwidth

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    Re: test

    Gee, thanks... you could have just said "please dont"... :

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    Re: test

    its nice that you are advocating slack, but could you make this banner a little smaller or just place a link, its annoying

    thx ..

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    Re: test

    Gee, thanks... you could have just said "please dont"... *:
    If I said that, you then would've asked why. So I just skipped two steps.

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    Re: test

    I like the banner but it does take up bandwidth. Make a text ad ... they work better anyways .

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    Re: test

    Please remove it, it makes my eyes hurt and my head+sanity ain't taking to well to it either !

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    Re: test

    Give the guy a break, at least he has taste :)

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