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Thread: Problem for Centralising by NIS

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    Problem for Centralising by NIS

    Hi, I am verynew to Linux. I am not currently trying to setup the NIS server for centralising the network to login. I have tried to follow the howto in this website in chapter 30. However, I got an error when I run

    /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m

    failed to send 'clear' to local ypserv: RPC: Unknown hostUpdating passwd.byuid.....

    I can't find any relevent info about that so just wonder anyone can give me a hand. Thank you very much!

    my /etc/sysconfig/network file is


    in yp.conf, i just used

    also i have done this

    anything wrong with them????
    Pls help!!!!!!!

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    hi all, it's fixed, I think i did make a stupid mistake when i was setting up the DNS.
    the machine can't recognise itself as localhost and as a result, i got those errors.
    So if anyone got the same error, just make sure you define back the machine as localhost and everything should work fine.

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    Smile Thanks!!!

    I had the same problem and your fix was perfect for me! Thank you! It saved me a lot of time!


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    Hi I Am New To LINUX PLZ explain the fix breifly


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