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Thread: Virtual keyboard

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    Virtual keyboard

    I love new gadgets:

    If they could give it some tactile-ness (tactility ?) I'd be really impressed

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    Re: Virtual keyboard

    Pretty cool...I agree that you need a sense of touch though.

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    Re: Virtual keyboard

    that would me tight

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    Re: Virtual keyboard

    Saw that a week ago...

    What I like is the idea of having it auto adjust to your hands natural movements.. the supreme in natural keyboards.

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    Re: Virtual keyboard

    Holy shit, that would be awesome!

    This is to keyboards as optical mice are to regular mice --> think about how much easier it is to clean a flat board than it is to clean a keyboard!

    Nevermind those happy hacking keyboards, I want one of these!

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    Re: Virtual keyboard

    Plus, it should be super easy to adjust the keyboard layout.

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    Re: Virtual keyboard

    Holy crap-o-rama! That is indeed cool. Of course, with all the clutter that accumulates in my computer area, I wouldn't have any space for that. Unless I projected it onto my lap! My wife would hate that, since I don't think I would ever leave my area if it was projected onto the lap! ;D

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