I'm just curious as to who here are all attending some university or college or other such higher learning institution.

I myself am studying for a Computer Science major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Their curriculum is much nicer than I had anticipated before I came here. It's my second year here and I'm actually enjoying some of my classes (in particular and with no surprise, my CS classes are the classes I enjoy the most.) This semester I'm taking a course called Programming Languages, where we learn the very fundamentals of how programming languages work, what they are, how a parser works and how to write one (I've already written a few for the class), how to take the results of a parser (called an abstract syntax tree) and figure out what you're supposed to do with the parsed data. The professor that I have for the class absolutely incredible. It almost seems like engaging the students in the course is second nature to him.

The other CS course I'm taking is an Artificial Intelligence course. It covers a large range of topics in the area of AI (very few of which could be considered to be moving in the direction of "intelligence&quot, including informed (heuristic) and uninformed searches, expert systems, decision trees, neural networks, etc. The professor is pretty funny, but isn't quite as experienced in teaching as my professor in Programming Languages.

So how about you guys? So where do/did you go? What did you study? Did the curriculum meet or beat the expectations you had before you went there?