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Thread: College students?

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    Re: College students?

    Ashcrow, Taeshadow, does this happen at your institutions? *We have a Data Structures class, and only about 30% of all students actually get past this. *All the upper level CS course have this as a prerequisite. *It's the filter class. *If a person doesn't get through that class, they most likely won't be getting a CS major or minor. *I have been told that CS has some of the most difficult classes on our campus.
    Yes, it does. Computing (data structures, OOP, basic algorithms, etc.) and Discrete Math are the classes that turn the most people away.

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    Re: College students?

    I'm studying Math/Comp Sci. at *KU Currently involved in my Phd on neuralnetwork. Should be done in 6 month or so, if it all fails I'll settle for my current job, as system-programmer for the department of defence.

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