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Thread: Vacation Time Again..

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    Vacation Time Again..

    After I get off of work I will be goin on a mini vacation. I am going to Los Angeles. I havent been in South Cali for like 10 years. Cant wait to go. I will be on vacation today officially at 5:30pm

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    Re: Vacation Time Again..

    Have fun.... remember to write me...

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    Re: Vacation Time Again..

    Have fun, man. The closest I've been to LA is LAX! Of course, I can never forget LAX, simply because the US government literally FedEx'd me to South Korea in 1992! I kid you not, I flew from St. Louis to Osan, ROK on a FedEx Boeing 747. The flight attendents got uglier and uglier with each stop we made. By the time we got back on the jet after landing in Japan, the women were old and homely and all the male flight attendents were, lets just say effeminent.

    Anyway, I am on part one of my three part vacation. I went on vacation on Tuesday. It lasts until the end of the month. Lovey...I'll be in Germany starting Sunday. I will try to drop you a post (if you'll send me your mailing address via PM) while I am in Landstuhl.


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    Re: Vacation Time Again..

    I just finished my vacation this Tuesday, I had a nice Easter holiday at home, spend it building and rebuilding LFS when not with the lovely lady.. A nice 11 days of school... that was nice.

    I was suppose to do alot of homework, but I spend time on the computer instead... I have the lowest work moral ever !

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    Re: Vacation Time Again..

    I need to stop at Costco and get my self some beer and some other stuff to drink while on vacation.

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