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    Hey Compunuts, just a little tip (for what it's worth) on C programming.
    I know that when I started out, I was using a crappy C in 21 days book and I found it really difficult to learn, but later I got Kernighan and Ritchie's "The C Programming Language" and learning C got hellah fun.

    I don't know which book you're using, but every C programmer should get it and go through all the exercises in the book. It's an indispensable resource.

    I'm gonna try and finish reading it this summer. Once you learn C, all the other languages are panzies.

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    Re: Compunuts

    Thanks for the tip Kozumo. I was taking a C class and had to learn a ( crappy ) book written by one of the professor at school. ;D

    Yeah, I will look into it buying another of a good book and learning it ....

    Appreciated ...

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