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Thread: PS2 No -solder modchip?

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    PS2 No -solder modchip?

    What's up guys,

    Have any of you guys tried the PS2 mod-chip yet?

    I looked around and they have a no-solder chip available.

    Is this a rip-off or what?

    I have some games that I got from tailand but they don't work on my PS2. Im hoping to get them to work using the modchip.


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    Re: PS2 No -solder modchip?

    Which non solder mod chip are you talking about?

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    Re: PS2 No -solder modchip?

    soldering is c00

    Why would you be scared of a little soldering ?

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    Re: PS2 No -solder modchip?

    I wich they made them.

    Lovechild: I know how to solder but I'm affriad of messing up my $299 ps2

    But I think there is a mod that will requires no soldering. All you have to do is to tweak some pods and use like a boot disk.

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    Re: PS2 No -solder modchip?

    Beware soldering! Usually I'd enjoy soldering, but only a professional should try to solder something onto the tiny and expensive circuitry of the Playstation, much less the PS2. I've messed up two Playstations trying to do it. Used Playstations are cheap, so I may buy a spare and try to do it again, but on a Playstation 2, find someone else to do it for you who knows what they're doing.

    As for a solderless modchip, I don't know about PS2 but for PS, there was something you could plug into the parallel port, put in an American disc, and when instructed, replace it with the foreign disc. The name of it has Pro in it I'm pretty sure. There may be something similar for PS2.

    Another option is to use an emulator. I've been trying like hell to get EPSXE to run so I can play my FF7I game. I don't know if there's a PS2 emulator yet, but I'm sure they're making one. You might want to check on that.

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    Re: PS2 No -solder modchip?

    I soldered 3 PS's back in the day (2 of the 3 genrations). It's really not that hard as long as you double check what your doing at all times. It seems that they switched from soldering to game-shark like mod chips.

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    Re: PS2 No -solder modchip?

    I wich they made them.

    Lovechild: I know how to solder but I'm affriad of messing up my $299 ps2
    If you know how to solder then you will not mess your PS2 up, if you discover during the "transplant" that you do not know how to solder... well to bad...

    j/k - soldering PSX was easy, I did that as one of my first soldering jobs (for a friend - I've never owned a gaing console) - I'm betting PS2 is a piece of cake to.

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