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I'm a piscatorian
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Thread: I'm a piscatorian

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    I'm a piscatorian

    "You're a what?" A piscatorian. A person whose diet is mostly vegetarian, except seafood. The etymology comes from Latin. Piscator is a fisherman, and I just extended that word. And yes, I did make this word up, so no, you will not find it in a dictionary.

    With that in mind, you can probably guess that I don't really do it "for the animals" (although, they do deserve some amount of respect for being living organisms.) My reasoning is that too many people eat way too much meat and poultry, which isn't really healthy. I'm rebelling against this and because I think that there are starving people that deserve that meat than I do. Besides, the meat and poultry industries have very shady pasts. The seafood industry does too, but not nearly as badly.

    I believe that I may be the only person in the world to call myself that. I thought I'd have other people know about it too.

    Go sushi!

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    Re: I'm a piscatorian

    I'm with you, dude.

    I spent ~$20 worth of sushi tonight. Expensive, but man was it good.

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    bad spelling

    Try the correct spelling, it is pesceterian. You might not have invented a word...LMAO

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyg View Post
    Try the correct spelling, it is pesceterian. You might not have invented a word...LMAO
    How the HELL did you find a 7 and a half year old post AND make it you first post...how creative fella !...oh yeah....LMAO dude.

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    lol yeah!
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