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Thread: star wars

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    Re: star wars

    How many of you saw the original Star Wars when it first came out in a theater, when it was just Star Wars and not Episode 4?

    I remember well going to see it, and going back several times over the summer to see it again.

    Anyway, I think Empire Strikes Back was the best of the movies. It was dark and deeper than the others.

    I have no point to this post..... :

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    Re: star wars

    phantom menace rocks... allthough slightly less than episode 5 and 6
    but it did beat episode 4 imho

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    Re: star wars

    YaR, I had this conversation a while back on LNO.

    My basic premise was that there's no way any movie could've lived up to the expectations of Star Wars fans. Some of us(such as myself) grew up watching it, and playing with star wars toys, can quote most of the movie, etc. So I pretty much decided to watch it as if it didnt' have Star Wars in the name, and try and have no expectations. In that light I thought it was an enjoyable movie. The fight seens were great, Darth Maul was a cool bad guy, and the politics and history were great.

    Besides, have you ever heard someone say A New Hope was their fav? Not often. The ANH spent a lot of time developing characters and starting everything into motion. Same with Ep1, but even more so since it's the first one. It's got to set everything in motion for the next 5 movies.

    I still find Jar Jar annoying, and yes, he is more annoying than Threepio, Artoo, and all the ewoks, put together.

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    Re: star wars

    P.S. I thought the obi-wan character was great too!

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