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Thread: anybody have a sega genesis?

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    Re: anybody have a sega genesis?

    I have no console, either. I don't like them, a PC is wayyyy more versatile. And you can't beat a mouse+keyboard control config
    But if someone put a gun at my head and told me to get a console I'd get a PS2, but I'd sooner let them shoot me than get a x-box >

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    Re: anybody have a sega genesis?

    Don't have a Genesis never did. They never really took off over here (UK) but you could still get new games in high street games stores, up untill a couple of months ago.

    I do how ever have: SNES, PS, N64, DC, PS2, and a *fanfair* Binatone 8in1 with the turnie paddley things.

    I never used to be a console person (save for Zelda on the SNES), untill I came to uni and started playing them with house mates. The one big thing I think consoles have going for them is easy, sit round the living room with your mates, multiplayer gaming.

    A lads night in, with beer, take out and micro-machines, can not be beaten.

    One player games are better on the PC tho' IMHO.

    /me is still eagerly awating a euro release of PS2 Linux *drool*

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    Re: anybody have a sega genesis?

    well i gotcha all beat
    I had a *drumroll...............* Colecovision!
    the thing died a few years ago :-[ but i'm looking to find another one. a place by me back home sells the games for coleco for like $1-$2 a piece!

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    Re: anybody have a sega genesis?

    I would like a dreamcast, mostly because I think that that console had some rocking games..

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