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    Lexx Ending

    It's over :'(. I am a big fan of the Lexx series and last night was the final episode with a resolution (well, as far as TV and books go) of what happens to Kai (who is reall what the whole thing is about), Prince, Mr. President and Bunny, Xev, Stanely, the earth (which is in the darkest part of the dark universe), that crazy scientist guy who smells girls underwear, etc ....

    Damn it! I want to cry.

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    Re: Lexx Ending

    Come on! Someone else has to like it.

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    Re: Lexx Ending

    Come on! Someone else has to like it.
    I liked the show. I thought it was kinda like an Alice in Wonderland type thing where almost every episode featured something new and unique.

    That aside, I have to say that the ending kinda disappointed me; I was expecting...something else. I didn't expect a "Little Lexx" to be there, for one thing, and while in the back of my mind, I knew that Kai would have to die (again) at one point or another, it was still kind-of a shock to see it happen.

    It was a nice way of ending the show, IMHO, and it left a lot of room for spinoff shows, featuring Bunny, the Prez, and Prince, or maybe Stan and Xev (although that's extremely doubtful considering how big a part they played in this series). As you said, the whole thing was essentially about Kai and everything else that happened was kinda irrelevant (in the big picture, anyhow), so I'm not exactly sure what sort of a plot they could dream up for these potential spinoffs and keep it relevant to its' history.

    Now that it's ended, I suppose I can look forward to watching the all the episodes on DVD at some point and see what I think of it all then.

    *sigh*...'Lexx' will be sorely missed... :'(

    (hrm, it just occurred to me...Kai did end up defeating all of the insects in the end, didn't he? [except for the Lexx, of course])

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